dahoam ventures

Investing in future of work, lifestyle, and open source software products.

da·hoam | dàhoàm |

[bayr. = home or homeland] The Bavarian version of the German "daheim" means both home and homeland. "Dahoam is Dahoam" is not only the title of a television series—it also describes a Bavarian way of life.

dahoam ventures is Investing in future of work, the dahoam lifestyle, and open source software products.

Future of Work

The future of work in fully and utterly remote. For many "dahoam" describes their best way of life and how they want to enjoy it. This can mean working from home or working from anywhere!

Dahoam lifestyle

Through investments in companies that enable the dahoam lifestyle for their team members we are hoping to enable the team members to be in a state of mind that can bring maximum output while also keeping employee happiness up!

Open Source Software

Dahoam is dahoam is collaboration and open sharing. Traditionally working together in a community has always enabled people to come further than they ever thought. Collaboration on open source software is our next step in the evolotion of collaboration and competition.