22d consulting

Making the 22nd century lovable.

Due to my work in the refugee crisis of 2015, I've been able to found 22d consulting. See here.

We're out to build a lovable 22nd century for everyone. To do this we are on the edge to make you and your business a lovable, secure, and future proof work place.

Join us to get your collaboration into the future. With the Cloud and SaaS Tools, you can focus on your strength and we focus on our strength. The future asks for constant change. With SaaMS (Software as a Managed Service) the tools evolve with you and you evolve with these tools. No need for constant updates on your machines - the cloud does it for you. We make you (and your day to day tasks) automated. With ever evolving workflows, automation helps you to gain focus on the future. Stop worrying about repetitive tasks and start to build your businesses future. Our team hooks you up with these tools and enable flexibility.

SaaS tools enable your work from the phone. You've got it in your pocket - whenever and wherever - just don't over do it with work ;)

Contact my team at sales@22dconsulting.com or under 22dconsulting.com