Combining Workspace Security with Simulated Incidents in Flight

How simulated incidents take your Security to the next level.

Throughout my career I have been involved in many security incidents. Some of them were small, some of them were big. Some of them were easy to handle, some of them were hard to handle. Some of them were real, some of them were simulated.

While learning paragliding for the past few years, I have been involved in many incidents as well. Actually, we started simulating incidents on our 3rd flight. I wasn't even sure I could land and they made me pull lines out above my head. We do this to get compfortable with the passive security that our beginner paragliders provide. Our paragliders are designed to be stable and forgiving. They are designed to fly straight and level. They are designed to recover from incidents. They are designed to be safe.

But you don't know this when you barely left the ground. This is why we practice.

So, as my first act of business (now that I do this basically full time) I went to the Acro Hotspot Ölüdeniz in Turkey to learn my first acro tricks from the best Kris Holub.

Why Acro and not a tradinionally safe SIV course? Well in a typical SIV course you learn how to do a paragliding certification flight. In an acro course you learn how to actually create incidents. And that is what I wanted to learn. I wanted actually induce incidents so I can learn how to recover from them. Inducing incidents the "safe" way doesn't give you the amplitudes of a real incident. You need to go to the edge to learn how to recover.

And with my new offerings I am trying to teach your organisation similar things.

Get in touch to learn with me how simulating incidents enable you to be a more secure organisation and help you work through actual incidens.